Review: Can You Survive: Three Musketeers: A Choose Your Path Book

Can You Survive: Three Musketeers: A Choose Your Path Book
Can You Survive: Three Musketeers: A Choose Your Path Book by Debrah Peters

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I am an elementary school librarian and I gave this book to a 6th grade class as the first read aloud of the year. I asked for their feedback to write this review. This book is happy, sad, and funny with plenty of adventure, action, gold, silver, and diamonds. They enjoyed the historical fiction aspect and the setting of several European countries. The teacher had the students choose the path as a class. They would talk about solving the problem, make a decision together, and then discuss the consequences of their actions. The students enjoyed their role as the main character and choosing the path of the story. They loved that they "died like 10 times" and chose to put bad people in jail. When they died, they would go back to try again. The author created a style that lends itself well to a read aloud with dynamic characters to portray and suspenseful sword fighting scenes that kept the students on the edge of their seats. She also created characters that the students connected with enough to love or hate when characters were killed or in trouble. The reading level is perfect for mid-elementary (except for the characters' names) but the content is challenging and exciting for older students. It is a perfect introduction to a classic novel. The students practiced reading, problem solving, and team building skills throughout their reading experience. This book kept them engaged in the read aloud for weeks and the students clamored in the library for more books of this type. I recommend this book enthusiastically!

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